Donation from Carr Hill High School in UK

Donation from Carr Hill High School in UK



Year 7 students from Carr Hill High School and Sixth Form Centre have raised £1,000 for the Friends of Hwange Trust after their teacher was inspired to help the charity following a voluntary expedition in Zimbabwe.

The students were tasked with drawing an Elephant that was then photo-copied onto eight postcards. The pupils then sold the postcards to friends and family in order to raise money for the school’s chosen charity, The Friends of Hwange Trust.

The fundraising activity follows a similar project last year which involved students raising money for
‘World Rhino Day’. The project was very successful and pupils sold drawings of Rhino’s they
had created in lessons to the public. Our Year 7’s raised around ¬£400 and the campaign brought awareness to poaching.

Both projects have been organised by Art and Photography teacher Miss Wignall, who spent Summer 2013 volunteering in Imire Game Park in Wedza, Zimbabwe. During the six week trip Miss Wignall spent time working with black rhino and elephant conservation. The following year Miss Wignall also spent a month during Summer 2014 traveling around Southern Africa.

Miss Wignall said: On return from my Summer break in 2013 I was deeply saddened by the terrible poaching tragedy which had happened in Hwange, so I decided to go back last summer (2014). I met a local guide who advised me of the number of elephants killed.

I felt moved to do something positive to help and decided to involve students at our school. I wanted to raise awareness amongst our pupils and their friends and families. As well as funds to support the work the Friends of Hwange Trust do. I have been so proud of the interest our students have taken in the project and their determination to help. They have done a wonderful job and I am delighted that we are able to provide the Friends of Hwange Trust with this donation.




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