Hwange National Park – Art supporting wildlife conservation

Hwange National Park – Art supporting wildlife conservation

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Thank you to all the people and organizations that have supported Hwange National Park over the years. It is very saddening when we loose some of our animals, for whatever reason, but we have to move forward and focus our efforts on maintaining the animals we still have and supporting the Park as a whole so it is there for not only our children, and their children, but also for future generations of animals. Our wildlife deserves and has the right to live free and safe in the African bush. Hopefully one day soon sanity will prevail and us humans will manage the planet without greed and corruption!

The Trustees of FOH are proud to inform all donors that 100% of donated money is used in the Park for the good of the animals. The Trust does not incur any running expenses outside of the Park and all work done by the Trustees is done so on a voluntary basis.

This year especially, and indeed most years, we are desperate to raise money to keep the Park going and to help make sure that the hundreds of thousands of animals living in the Park have enough water and are as secure as possible.

Our work in the Park is multifaceted and includes water supply, pan & road maintenance, fireguards, repairing erosion, animal rescue and deployment of anti-poaching units. We do all of these things and still find time to help people who have vehicle problems or just want advice on where best to find the elusive cats and dogs (elephant are not that hard to find in the dry season!)

Over the last few years we have embarked on a “green energy program” and have installed a number of solar pumps which work well but are obviously limited to daylight hours. Using batteries at night is not economically viable.

In order to do all these things we need considerable sums of money and appreciate any support we get. We are always humbled and encouraged by how generous some people can be especially when those people have limited resources themselves.

In order to make a more meaningful and sustainable difference in the Park we will be auctioning paintings over the internet in the hope that those people who can afford to purchase these works of art do so and not only acquire a piece of the African Bush for their home or office but in so doing help our wildlife.

Our first magnificent painting is “Ngweshla” which is one of the most popular pans in Hwange National Park. It is also the middle of the territory that our beloved Lion, Cecil, dominated for a number of years. He will be sadly missed. The painting is a massive 2,5×1,0 meters kindly donated by Will Maberly who is a talented Zimbabwean artist and caring conservationist. You can download a PDF write up by the artist here: Ngweshla

It is valued at well over USD 15,000 so we’ll accept bids starting from USD 10,000. Please contact dave@friendsofhwange.com

The painting in unframed and can be couriered anywhere in the World.
We welcome your support for this good cause.

Should you not wish to bid for the painting but would rather make a cash donation it would be greatly appreciated and we guarantee the money will be used for the intention it was donated. If you make a donation, please email us so that we can account for it and acknowledge you. dave@friendsofhwange.com

Yours truly,
David Dell

Friends of Hwange Trust

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